Small Injections Mouldings


Small Injections Mouldings

A result of our engineering progressions with Tungsten Engineering we have an increasing demand for plastic parts.

As a turn-key solution company we can offer a diverse range of injection mouldings from our various manufacturers with a fast turnaround. Specialising in small injection moulded parts for a whole variety of industries, we can engineer items such as buttons, switches, plastic enclosures, housings, lids, caps and much more.

Please get in touch with your requirements, we have a specialist team waiting to help you.

Read more about small injection mouldings here

Quality control at every turn

At Tungsten Engineering we also have the capacity to both store and distribute parts meaning we are in control of all aspects and at every stage of fulfilling your order.

Top quality delivery

We’re also experienced in organising all of the logistics associated with projects and would be happy to take care of this on your behalf too.