At Tungsten Engineering, our Warwickshire-based fabrication unit is fully equipped to offer a wide range of engineering services. These include everything from fabrication welding, folding and shearing to laser cutting, rolling and sawing. We’ve provided details of all of our engineering services below but if you don’t see what you need here, you can always get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Fabrication Welding – We specialise in Stainless Steel TIG welding and offering welding services in the following disciplines of aluminium, stainless and mild steel:

• MIG/MAG welding
• TIG welding AC/DC
• MMA welding

We offer purge welding for applications where penetration, hygiene and weld strength is paramount.

Folding – At Tungsten Engineering we have a 3m x 100 tonne folding capacity examples: 6mm over 2m and 4mm over 3m. We can fold your components with the exact repeatability you require at a reduced cost.

Shearing – We have a 3m long shear capable of cutting 6mm Mild steel. Please enquire with your material type and thicknesses for more information.

Laser cutting – We can supply you with laser cut and plasma cut components in the following material types and thicknesses. Please send us your files for a same day quote.

Laser cutting capacity: 4m x 2m max sheet size
• 25mm Mild Steel
• 20mm Stainless Steel
• 20mm Aluminium
• 10mm Copper
• 10mm Brass

Laser Line Marking – Using a low powered laser, materials can be permanently marked with images, text and characters.

Rolling – Round and flat bar ring rolling, cylinders, cones, hoppers

Sawing – Large cross sectional capacity of 300mm x 269mm for large steel profile and billet cutting

Other services include – drilling, thread tapping, machining, modifications, repairs, consultation

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