Tungsten creates globetrotting bikes for Sky TV

Case Study

Tungsten creates globetrotting bikes for Sky TV

The challenge

Tungsten Engineering was challenged by a new local cycling company to build two bike frames set to be cycled across Kazakstan for a Sky TV programme. This required us to work with new materials and broaden our skill set in order to meet the customers requirements and expectations.

The solution

The material the customer wanted the bike frames constructed of was a super lightweight, hardened, thin-walled tubing, specifically designed for use in the cycling and motorsport industries. This material  required very specific methods of welding, including the inside of the frame being purged with argon to achieve the desired strength and appearance. Once complete, we prepped the two bike frames for powder coating and gave them back to the customer to be assembled.

The result

The cycling enthusiasts riding across Kazakstan were very impressed with the bikes and the prototypes have stood the test of time. Our customer has since had three more bike frames made by us and all bikes have passed EN/BS testing.