Abstract architectural concept

Case Study

Abstract architectural concept

The challenge

Testament to our ability to achieve great things, we recently worked with individuals with big ideas. We were approached by a new customer who’s abstract architectural concept had been approved for an exhibition in the United Arab Emirates. Their deadline was tight and the concept was intricate too. We were asked to manufacture 50 connection brackets fabricated and welded from various 4mm plates. In total their were six different types of plates that were used in various combinations to make the brackets.

The solution

We used our expertise to design interlocking profiles with tab and slot systems for locating. This knowledge allows for rapid prototyping; very quick assembly for welding and ensures squareness and minimalises distortion in the finished items.

The result

The strong relationship we have built with our laser cutters in conjunction with our ability to manage our workload to suit each customer’s needs allowed us to turn around the job in just two days! Tungsten Engineering continues to work with more varied industries on a daily basis. We are very friendly and are always open to talk with you about your ideas and how we can help you to fulfil them! Get in touch here.